What is a Fabriq Pavilion?

  • a free standing structure whose architecture is designed to be an object of beauty, pleasure and relaxation.
  • a tensile structure which is typically characterized by a tensioning of a fabric membrane to create a lightweight shelter
  • a permanent structure constructed of Tenara fabric (15 year guaranteed lifespan), polished steel, glass and wood
  • an accessory structure, incidental, detached, and subordinate to the principal building on the property that requires a permit
  • an architectural showpiece which adds a sculptural aesthetic to the property
  • a sculptural, livable work of art that lends itself to a myriad of uses for commercial, residential and corporate property owners
  • a real property investment that will increase in value over time

What are the benefits of a fabric roof?

  • fabric roof provides a tent like quality, placing inhabitants in close proximity to nature
  • the high degree of light transmission provides shade without making the space gloomy.
  • while the Tenara Fabric lets in 19% of the light, the rest is reflected, keeping the interior cool even in hot weather
  • both the interior and exterior of the fabric are self cleaning and easy to maintain.
  • at night, dramatic lighting can turn a structure into a work of art and a signature architectural landmark.
  • spectacular effects can be achieved with lights of changing colors and patterns.
  • SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric is part of an environmentally responsible approach to architecture.
  • TENARA® fabric is extremely durable and will not degrade during its long service life. It is free from odor and chemically inert.

Can Fabriq fare well in severe weather conditions?

  • FABRIQ Paviion can be heated and cooled
  • permanent fabric roofs used for the Denver Airport which experiences extremely cold weather
  • the world’s largest permanent fabric roof exists at the Hajj Aiirport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which experiences extreme heat.
  • wind loading capabilities range from 85 mph to 150 mph (which requires upgraded roof arch).

What are some of FABRIQ’s design features?

  • the fabric roof is comprised of Tenara Fabric presently used for the Wimbledon’s Tennis Centre Court retractable roof
  • two triangular side window walls with frameless windows made operable via center pivoted stainless steel spider fittings
  • 16’ ceramic fritted cathedral window in the back of the structure provides protection from heat and view
  • architectural grade Douglas fir glu lam support beam that spans the width and height of the structure
  • curved glass entry with a center door and two floor to ceiling pivot panels
  • Fabriq’s two side window walls and curved glass entry provide a 180 degree view through the front of the structure

What is the acquisition, permitting and Installation Process?

  • initial meeting and property inspection, discuss decking, amenities
  • virtual renderings will assist visualizing completed design
  • architect retained, creates site and construction documents
  • apply for permit
  • permit obtained, order is placed to suppliers, manufacturers
  • schedule 3 week installation
  • final inspection/owner approval
  • 9 month or more process depending on permitting process

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