President, Huntington Design

Craig is a rare combination of fabric architect and structural engineer. He was on the team that designed and built the roof for the Hajj Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the largest fabric roof ever constructed. Craig was tasked with transforming the small cotton church model into a permanent, contemporary structure of the highest quality. Craig’s design contributions included a polished steel framework, fabric roof design, the curvaceous Douglas fir roof arch and the idea of incorporating a curved glass entry.


President, Global Architectural Systems

Merhdad and his team proposed the innovative frameless windows for the two side window walls. His inventiveness was further demonstrated by the curved glass front entry featuring a door and two floor-to-ceiling pivot panels. These design additions added to the beauty, uniqueness and functionality of Fabriq. It was Merhdad’s suggestion that led to the architectural model being constructed which helped to demonstrate the real-life beauty of Fabriq.


President, Shepphird Associates

A multi-talented architect, Will was retained to help with the front entry, the two triangular shaped side window walls, the 16’ rear window wall and curved glass entry. To use Will’s words, his contributions helped to take a quantum leap toward making Fabriq “ready for prime time.” Will also created the first Fabriq architectural model.


President, Hansen Visualizations

As Bill did not have architectural experience, he needed someone that could bring Craig’s and Will’s plans to life. Not only did Cynthia accomplish that, but her design flair helped to create interiors and other Fabriq designs to help Bill visualize the potential of this majestic structure. Cynthia has been with the team since 2001.

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